RAF7000 Solar Whiz – Roof Mounted – 100 Watt PV 24 Volt (7000M3/H)

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The Solar Whiz RAF7000

The Solar Whiz RAF7000 is a powerful solar ventilator designed to help keep commercial businesses cooler, and productivity higher. These high-performance commercial-grade ventilators are ideal if you're looking for alternative to costly three-phase fans.

What is a Solar Whiz RAF7000?

The Solar Whiz RAF7000 (SW-RAF7000) is one of two commercial ventilator in our product range. It moves up to 7,000m3/h, making it a market leader in industrial ventilation. The SW-RAF7000 is perfect for keeping hot air out, and cooler air in.

Solar Whiz units utilise solar power to run, keeping the heat out on scorching summer days. They may also be installed with a range of add-ons that can control at what temperatures they operate, or even using mains power to 'top up' in low-light conditions or to run at night.

The SW-RAF7000 comes with:

  • A 100 watt PV panel supplied separately to power the unit,
  • Flexible aluminium flashing for metal or tiled roofing,
  • A 10-year warranty on the panel, and 2 on components for peace of mind.

Benefits of a Solar Extractor

A Solar Whiz system assures you and your business:

  • Powerful heat extraction, helping you keep cooler,
  • Less reliance on heating or air conditioning to keep comfortable,
  • Moisture and condensation control, preventing mould & fungal growth.