RAF2100 Solar Whiz – Roof Mounted – 35 Watt PV Volt (2100M3/H)

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The Solar Whiz RAF2100

The Solar Whiz RAF2100 is a high-powered, high-performance roof ventilator. Your roof space can easily exceed 70°C in Summer, and this heat load can seep through your ceiling into your living space. A Solar Whiz roof ventilator flushes heat out of your roof and replaces it with cooler, ambient outside air.

What is a Solar Whiz RAF2100?

The Solar Whiz RAF2100 (SW-RAF2100) is the largest residential ventilator in our product range. It moves up to 2,100m3/h, equivalent to around 20 conventional whirlybirds. The SW-RAF2100 is perfect for roof ventilation & heat extraction in homes up to and over 250 square meters.

Solar Whiz units utilise solar power to run, keeping the heat out on scorching summer days. They may also be installed with a range of add-ons that can control at what temperatures they operate, or even using mains power to 'top up' in low-light conditions or to run at night.

The SW-RAF2100 comes with:

  • A 35 watt PV panel affixed to the fan cap,
  • Flexible aluminium flashing for metal or tiled roofing,
  • A 10-year warranty on the panel, and 2 on components for peace of mind.

Benefits of a Solar Roof Ventilator

A Solar Whiz system assures you and your home:

  • Powerful heat extraction, helping you keep cooler,
  • Less reliance on heating or air conditioning to keep comfortable,
  • Moisture and condensation control, preventing mould & fungal growth.